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With 15 years of experience in the industry

and a highly skilled team, we commit to making your project an exceptional reality.

From the initial sketch to the final delivery, we dedicate time and personalized attention to understand your needs and create a design that reflects your lifestyle and exceeds your expectations.

Construction management

Construction management

Construction management

We approach our projects comprehensively,

managing even the construction of the work until the turnkey delivery. We offer innovation through comprehensive management via our Project Management service.

Interior design

Construction management

For us, architecture and interior design are inseparable,

forming a harmonious and cohesive whole. Our philosophy is based on creating spaces that go beyond superficial aesthetics, seeking harmony and functionality in every detail. From furniture and lighting to finishes and decorative details, each element is carefully selected to create unique and personalized spaces.


Energy Efficiency

Maximizing Insulation and Reducing Consumption

Clean Energy

Integrating Solar Panels and Efficient Climate Systems

Bioclimatic Design

Responsible Solutions for the Environment

Environmental Respect

Taking Advance of Sunlight and Natural Ventilation

Design lines

Relationship with the environment

The context of the home is its heart, conditioning its design from start to finish. The degree of importance we give to this aspect results in projects that are integrated into the environment, in deep harmony with it.

Open spaces

We aim for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating open areas that extend to the exterior and are complemented by patios and porches. Our goal is to enhance the views of the surroundings and allow distant views to be integrated into the interior of the homes.

Integral design

In our architecture and Interior Design in Spain, we integrate the installations, furniture, and lighting of the home, achieving clean and harmonious designs where everything works perfectly.

Construction rigor

At a technical level, a high level of construction and structural quality, as well as strict budgetary rigor, are essential. The meticulous attention to constructive detail translates into elegant, sophisticated, and durable designs.

Our method

Preliminary design

We present infographics and virtual tours that help visualize the project and offer various proposals and versions to explore all possibilities. We take pride in offering a high degree of customization, defining the project down to the smallest detail, even considering material aspects. Additionally, we apply maximum budgetary rigor from the initial stages to ensure efficient management.

Project Development

Project development is the key stage to turn your ideas into a tangible reality. Through the basic project and execution phase, we create a solid foundation of detailed plans that exceed regulatory requirements and ensure effective financial control. We believe in interior design as an essential part of architecture, paying attention to every detail of furniture, lighting, and providing personalized guidance. Our approach is based on experience, talent, and dedicated time as differentiating factors to achieve an exceptional and distinctive architectural project.

Construction management

We offer innovation through comprehensive management via our Project Management service. We take care of coordinating the different trades involved in the construction, achieving significant cost savings and a high degree of customization for the client. This method also allows us to maintain thorough technical control and reduce timelines up to turnkey delivery.

The team

e2b arquitectos is an architecture and interior design studio in Alicante, formed by a multidisciplinary team that harmoniously combines creativity and technical expertise.

Alejandro Espinosa

Architect Partner

Extroverted, energetic, and proactive. His dedication makes him a brilliant professional. Hardly intimidated, he is always looking for new challenges. He views the world through the lens of his camera and his two children and wife are the protagonists of his rolls of film.

Miguel F. Berenguer

Architect Partner

Perfectionist, detail-oriented, and demanding. His architecture is elegant, meticulous, and rational. He has never missed a detail, and we doubt it will ever happen. An excellent runner, music lover, and in charge of the office’s playlist.

Manuel Beltrá

Architect Partner

Empathetic, patient, and very pleasant. Honest and with a heart of gold, he has a great ability to bring smiles to people’s faces. His genuine interest in the well-being of the client is reflected in his designs. He holds a deep loyalty to architecture and his family, his greatest trophies.

Esther Ramírez

Interior Architect

Curious, discreet, and charismatic Her creativity knows no limits. Her pencils are no less a part of her body than her fingers. She puts her heart and soul into each of her designs. A big fan of The Beatles and artistic drawing.

Miguel Andreu

Architectural Technician

Prudent, methodical, and sensible. Perceptive, he is precise on site and pursues simplicity. He faces day-to-day work with responsibility, awareness, and dedication. If such a thing existed, he would win the Father of the Year award.

Laura Sola


Serene, witty, and cheerful. Her learning and teamwork abilities make her a great professional. She enjoys sports like no other. Additionally, she loves to travel and discover new cultures.

Mar Castillo


The most joyfull face of the team. Enthusiastic and intuitive, she dedicates herself wholeheartedly to her projects, on which she works with great passion. Her strengths are tenacity and perfectionism. You will never see her more than three steps away from her dog.

Irene García


Idealistic, visionary, and sensitive. Inspiration runs through her veins tirelessly. Imaginative and curious, ideas never cease to flow for her. You won’t find her without a hot beverage in hand, even in the month of August.


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