Project Development


“At e2b, we are passionate about the project development process, where we transform your ideas into a built reality. Divided into two essential phases, the Basic Project and Execution, and working closely with you, we achieve a unique and functional project that reflects your lifestyle and meets your needs. “

Basic Project

Once the preliminary design phase is complete, the basic project allows us to apply for the required permits to begin construction. This way, we achieve a reduction in timelines.

Plans for defining the surroundings.

They allow you to have a vision of the big picture of your project and how it merges into its surroundings. They show the significant elements of the enviroment, helping you to understand how the architecture will integrate in its context.

Location plans.

Site plans.

Urbanization plans.

Floor plans.

They show the spacial distribution of the different areas by using horizontal cuts. This way, you will have a clear idea of how the space will be used.

Layout plans.

Dimension and area plans.

Elevation and section plans

A 2D representation of the facades and vertical cuts of the projet. You will be able to visualize the height, proportions and most crucial details.

Section plans

Elevation plans

“In response to your needs and desires, we will guide you throughout the entire process. From the initial definition plans to the final delivery, our team will be with you at every stage. Discover how every detail, from the structure to the finishes and installations, comes together to create a unique and personalized space that reflects your vision. “

Execution Project

In this phase, we focus on the project development in a technical approach. We create a series of plans that go beyond minimum regulations, providing you with a comprehensive set of plans that eliminate ambiguities and ensure a clear understanding of your project. We strive to achieve price reliability before construction, giving you a solid foundation for decision-making and effective financial control from the early stages.

Structure plans

These plans focus on the structural aspects of your project. They show the significant elements of the enviroment, helping you to understand how the architecture will integrate in its context.

Construction definition plans

They show the technical and construction details of your project. They include information about materials, finishes, construction techniques, and other relevant aspects.

Ventilation Plans

These plans ensure comfortable and healthy interior spaces by optimizing airflow with a sustainable and detailed approach.

HVAC Plans

They are the key to keep the ideal temperature and humity levels to make spaces comfortable. Integrate efficient systems that provide a balanced and energy-conscious indoor environment.

Electrical Plans

Ensure optimal electrical distribution, reliable connectivity, and seamless integration of technology into your design.

Lighting Plans

They are designed to highlight your home’s architecture and create captivating and funtional spaces.

Sanitation Plans

Functionality and hygiene converge in this phase. Ensure effective wastewater management and proper distribution of water resources, contributing to well-being and sustainability.

Plumbing Plans

Ensure efficient water supply and drainage, considering both utility and conservation. They ensure smooth water flow and sustainable resource management.

Furniture Plans

Transform the space into a functional and aesthetic canvas. Each element is carefully ubicated to the proper optimization. This enables the design of areas that reflect your essence, merging design and practical sense in each corner.

Metalwork Plans

Bring durable and versatile structures to life. Design metallic elements that enhance architecture, from windows and railings to custom structures.

Construction Detail Plans

Reveal the secrets of construction, showing how each component comes together and integrates to achieve the integrity and quality of the final work. Each connection is meticulously documented for a flawless and lasting result.

Pavement Base Plans

They show the way in which each component integrates to grant the quality of the final result. Each connection, material and technique is carefully documented for a impecable and longlasting result.

Partition Plans

Detailed representation of internal divisions of a building, including walls, partitions, and other separation elements.

Ceiling Plans

They form a detailed representation of the structure and design of the ceilings of an architectonical project.

Flooring Plans

Offer a detailed representation of the layout and structure of paved surfaces.

Cladding Plans

They indicate how the materials and final touches will be applied in an edification, creating an specific visual and practical style.

Waterproofing Plans

Play a critical role in preserving the integrity of structures against moisture and water infiltration.

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