Pavilion among pines

The Pavilion was born from the desire for a place of contemplation and interaction with the natural surroundings: a lush landscape containing a forest of century-old pine trees.

The building was designed to take advantage of the highest qualities of the surroundings and to minimize the human footprint. As a result, the structure opens and closes as it adapts to the vegetation, opening to reveal a tree or embracing another within the interior. Glass surrounds the structure, which serve as both windows and passage ways to the forest. Boundaries are diluted, interior and exterior blend.

This single-level building ensures a small footprint as it adapts to an intentionally horizontal program suspended above the land. Its plan includes covered open spaces as an extension of exterior in the interior. The Pavilion constantly seeks to communicate with the exterior, thereby conveying lightness and harmony.



Category: New build
Use: Recreational
Year: 2012-2013
Location: Muchamiel. Alicante. Alicante
Status: Built


Photography: Enrique Agües

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