Cline House

The context is key when considering the remodeling of this apartment, located on the fourth floor of a rationalist tower from the early 1960s next to Albufereta beach in Alicante. The privileged views over the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Alicante invite for an intense relationship with the exterior.

The search for greater spatial continuity through the elimination of much of the interior partitions, along with the enhancement of existing views through large glass openings, are the two strategies that channel the proposal.

Thus, the day area is organized as a large open space, in which the rhythm of the structure and the proposed furniture establish the relationships between the different programmatic areas. A large dividing piece of furniture delimits the night area and allows for the

resolution of part of the facilities and the planned storage. Only the natural wood of the furniture provides a touch of warmth and color to the home.



Category: Interiorism
Usage: Housing
Year: 2015
Location: Playa de la Albufereta. Alicante
Status: Built


Photography: Enrique Agües
Lighting project: Ramqui i + i

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