Galatea House



We start with a generously sized house located in a recently built building in San Juan beach, with the premise of integrating the spaces that made up two independent houses, connected during the building’s construction.

An intervention is proposed where new spaces with a more open character stand out, reducing unnecessary partitions, thus allowing greater entry of natural light into the house.

Through a game of furniture elements, we manage to generate greater openness between the kitchen, hallway, and living room, spatially unifying the daytime area These elements allow each space to be nuanced without being a barrier, integrating the necessary installations and storage at the same time.

Conversely, the night area is separated to seek privacy. In it, the rest of the intervention solves the needs of the house through custom-made furniture pieces in different rooms.

The project makes use of a materiality characterized by neutral colors, with white as the main color sprinkled with black and natural wood elements that provide warmth to the house.


Category: Interiorism
Usage: Housing
Year: 2020-2021
Location: Alicante
Status: Built


Masonry: Escore Innovacion & Construcción
Wood carpentry: Carpintería Sirvent
Lighting project: Ramqui i + i
Neolith: Cer-Amics
Coatings: Porcelanosa