Our philosophy

At e2b architectos, we offer you an exclusive design where your home adapts to your needs, not the other way around. We achieve this through constant dialogue that allows for personalization of the proposal.

Our projects combine two complementary aspects: aesthetics and functionality. The balance between the two is present in each stage of the project’s development. Furthermore, we propose timeless projects, away from passing trends, whose character endures over time and whose design maintains its essence despite the passage of time.

The design lines are based on five fundamental pillars:

Relationship with the environment

The context of the home is its heart, conditioning its design from start to finish. The degree of importance we give to this aspect results in projects that are integrated into the environment, in deep harmony with it.

Open spaces

We pursue a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The desire to blur their boundaries results in open interior spaces that extend outward, with transitions softened by patios and porches. The result is a flow of open spaces that relate to each other and to the location. Enhancing visual improvements towards the environment as well as extending distant views inside the homes is one of our priorities.

Integral design

We spatially integrate the installations, furniture, and lighting of the home, achieving clean and harmonious designs where everything works perfectly.

Construction rigor

At a technical level, a high level of construction and structural quality, as well as strict budgetary rigor, are essential. Attention to well-resolved construction details results in elegant, sophisticated, and durable designs.

Global management

During the construction phase, we act as Project Managers. We stay by your side throughout each stage of the project, from the initial planning to the key delivery.

Get to know the team

we are a multidisciplinary team that combines creativity and technical expertise in a balanced way.

Alejandro Espinosa
Architect Partner

Extroverted, energetic, and proactive. His dedication makes him a brilliant professional. Hardly intimidated, he is always looking for new challenges. He views the world through the lens of his camera and his two children and wife are the protagonists of his rolls of film.

Miguel F. Berenguer
Architect Partner
Perfectionist, detail-oriented, and demanding. His architecture is elegant, meticulous, and rational. He has never missed a detail, and we doubt it will ever happen. An excellent runner, music lover, and in charge of the office’s playlist.
Manuel Beltrá
Architect Partner

Empathetic, patient, and very pleasant. Honest and with a heart of gold, he has a great ability to bring smiles to people’s faces. His genuine interest in the well-being of the client is reflected in his designs. He holds a deep loyalty to architecture and his family, his greatest trophies.

Miguel Andreu
Architectural Technician

Prudent, methodical, and sensible. Perceptive, he is precise on site and pursues simplicity. He faces day-to-day work with responsibility, awareness, and dedication. If such a thing existed, he would win the Father of the Year award.


Laura Sola
Serene, witty, and cheerful. Her learning and teamwork abilities make her a great professional. She enjoys sports like no other. Additionally, she loves to travel and discover new cultures.
Esther Ramírez
Interior Architect
Curious, discreet, and charismatic Her creativity knows no limits. Her pencils are no less a part of her body than her fingers. She puts her heart and soul into each of her designs. A big fan of The Beatles and artistic drawing.
Mar Castillo

The most enthusiastic and cheerful face of the team. Sensitive and intuitive, she devotes herself body and soul to her projects, on which she works with great passion. Her strengths are tenacity and perfectionism. You will never see her more than three steps away from her dog.


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“I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“A friend recommended e2b architects to me. I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s a completely new loft-style apartment that resembles a Manhattan apartment.”


“We must highlight the supervision and coordination.”

“We are very satisfied with the renovation of our kitchen, from the moment they presented us the project until its completion.”


“It’s a pity we don’t have more houses to renovate, so we could continue working with them.”

“Since the first meeting, it has been like a dream! Regarding billing, everything has been very transparent and detailed.”



“You don’t have to worry about incidents because they coordinate absolutely everything, with an unbeatable treatment, ensuring that everything goes perfectly.”


“The team is very approachable, professional, and serious.”

“We were recommended e2b, and to this day, we couldn’t be happier. They answered all our questions during the process and made sure everything was perfect from beginning to end.”


“Quedaremos siempre agradecidos por su trabajo.”

“They don’t seek professional glory in projects (like other architects) but rather focus on customer satisfaction and making the process as simple as possible for the client.”


“I give them a 10/10!”

“Great professionals. I have known Miguel for many years, and I would count on him again and again.
A highly recommended architecture studio. And they also work with very competitive rates.
And they also work with very competitive rates.”


“You will always feel advised and supported.”

“You can count on a team of professionals for whatever you need.”


“We recommend them 100%.”

“From the very beginning, everything was very easy with them. They know how to listen and advise. Any problem that arose, they resolved it efficiently. All the trades they work with are highly professional.”


“Professionalism sums it up.”

“The guidance, closeness, attention to detail. I would recommend them 150%. They guarantee that things will be done right since they are on-site, and you can even forget about it until the key handover. A great choice.”


“They always try to listen to your needs and move them forward!”

“They are attentive to the small problems that may arise. I am delighted with the home, and also with a small renovation they carried out in my workplace. Approachable, detail-oriented, and above all, punctual with timelines.”


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