RL House

The limitations that the project starts from are, in turn, the catalysts of it: a small rural house with a pitched roof and less than 100 m2 located on the outskirts of town. The regulations require maintaining the perimeter of the house without increasing the built volume.

The proposal involves emptying the interior, relocating the interior spaces, and turning the daytime area towards the terrace and pool, opening up the views towards the exterior spaces through large glass openings.

The new flat roof redefines the exterior volume. The lighter materiality of the exterior canopy allows extending the uses of the house to the outside and contextualizing the pool and existing surroundings. The material continuity of ceilings and floors enhances the interior-exterior spatial relationship.



Category: Interiorism
Usage: Housing
Year: 2017-2021
Location: Novelda. Alicante
Status: Built


Earthwork: Excavaciones Marino e Hijos
Structure: Galvañ Grupo
Masonry: Juan Carlos Martínez Cuenca
Waterproofing: Impercavi Alicante
Metal Joinery: Mínima Ventanas
Wood carpentry: Manuel Belda Sánchez
Metal structure and locksmith: Cerrajería Álvarez
Plumbing: David Ruiz Larios
Air conditioning: Azorín Climatización
Electrical installation: David González García
Painting: Aníbal Decoraciones
Coatings: Porcelanosa
Krion: Decorelos
Bathroom countertops: Barosi
Sanitaryware and faucets: Quiles
Fireplace: Chimeneas Sirvent

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