I+D House

Due to the small dimensions of the plot, the house decidedly opts to close itself off to the two lateral boundaries, while enhancing the opening on the opposite axis, where pleasant views and the access road can be found.

The ground floor is defined by three furniture-like pieces that house various uses and serve as support for the upper volume. The resulting space is characterized by its marked open character, enhanced by the ambitious light between supports of 8.6 meters. As a result, the generous glazed opening allows for the dissolution of the interior-exterior boundary of the house, through a transition nuanced by the powerful 4.5-meter cantilever generated by the upper volume.

The continuity of ceilings, lighting, and flooring, along with the treatment of the furniture pieces that organize the floor, further contributes to interpreting the exterior spaces of the house as an integral part of it.

Thanks to a meticulous construction and structural design, the upper volume manages to maintain a lightness of image, as well as a fair play of interlocking volumes.



Category: New build
Usage: Housing
Year: 2019-2021
Location: Alicante
Status: Built


Technical Architect: Miguel Andreu
Earthwork: Excavaciones Muchamiel
Structure: Martinez López Estructuras
Masonry: Escore Innovación & Construcción
Waterproofing: Los Cobollos Impermeabilizantes
Plasterboard system: Massideass Sistemas Constructivos
Exterior carpentry: Mínima Ventanas
Wood carpentry: Manuel Belda Sánchez
Metal structure and locksmith: Cerrajería Álvarez
Plumbing: David Ruiz Larios
Air conditioning: Azorín Climatización
Electrical installation: David González García
Lighting: Nosololuz
Glass, aluminum shutters, and composite panels: Cristalería Victoria
Krion: Deco Relos
Pool: Piscinas Orcelitanas

Painting: Aníbal Decoraciones

Painting and design: JF
Gardening: Entreverde
Artificial turf: TurfMasters International
Curtains and blinds: Persianas y Cortinas Gil
Sanitaryware, faucets, and coatings: Porcelanosa
Elevator: Otis
Furniture: Valentín Sánchez

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