e2b arquitectos Studio

The new e2b architects studio is located in front of the old bus station of the city of Alicante. This iconic building, recently rehabilitated, along with the developed trees located in front of it, provide pleasant views that we try to enhance. To do so, we propose a spatial organization with a markedly open and diaphanous character, supported by furniture pieces and glass panels, which allow distant views towards the street, as well as the maximum use of natural light.

On the other hand, the important storage requirement is solved by integrating various pieces of furniture along the perimeter, which adapt to the existing structure and in turn solve the passage of installations.

Finally, with the pavement treatment, we enhance the interpretation of various areas, while mitigating the forced proportion, so characteristic of the urban center plots.



Category: Interiorism
Use: Office. Architecture studio
Year: 2018
Location: Alicante
Status: Built


Photography: Enrique Agües
Masonry: José Pascual Soria Martínez
Metal carpentry: Alumetal Ríos
Wood carpentry: Manuel Belda Sánchez
Flooring: Carlos Rodríguez Lara
Plumbing: David Ruiz Larios
Air conditioning: Azorín Climatización
Electrical installation: David González García
Lighting project: Akon Global Solutions
Painting: Aníbal decoraciones
Coatings: Porcelanosa
Furniture: Valentín Sánchez
Krion: Cid Obras y Servicios
Metalwork: Cerrajería Álvarez

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