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Alicante: The Second Happiest City in Spain

Explore why, according to the Spain Happy Index developed by Sonneil, Alicante ranks as the second happiest city in Spain, from its sun-drenched beaches to its vibrant street life.

Architectural Potential

With its sunny climate, spectacular beaches, and rich cultural life, the city attracts people seeking a home where they can enjoy the best.


Cultural Richness

Dive into the festivals, arts, and culinary delights that make Alicante a top destination for cultural enthusiasts.

A Closer Look at Happiness

Alicante: The Second Happiest City in Spain

Recent studies have highlighted Alicante as the second happiest city in Spain, a remarkable achievement that reflects its vibrant culture and quality of life. Key findings from the survey indicate that 89% of the residents report high levels of life satisfaction, attributed to the city’s sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and dynamic social environment. Additionally, the city’s architecture, which blends historical charm with modern amenities, plays a crucial role in enhancing the daily experiences of its inhabitants.

Explore Alicante's Architectural Wonders

Discover the stunning architecture and iconic landmarks of Alicante, each contributing to its status as the second happiest city in Spain. Our gallery below captures the essence of what makes Alicante truly unique.

What to do in Alicante?

The city of Alicante offers you a wide variety of opportunities.

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Explore why Alicante is ranked as the second happiest city in Spain. Explore our curated blog posts or connect with our Architecture Studio to bring your visionary projects to life in Alicante.

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