The Golden Visa Residence Card.


Unlock Spain with the Golden Visa

Explore the prestigious Golden Visa program, a gateway for international clients to secure residency in Spain. This unique opportunity not only allows you to reside in the vibrant landscapes of Spain but also paves the way for a flourishing future in one of Europe’s most cherished destinations.

Fachada blanca de diseño minimalista de edificio residencial

Unlocking Spain

Explore the Benefits of Spain’s Golden Visa Program

The residency program known as the Golden Visa, established in Law 14/2013, supporting entrepreneurs and their internationalization, has been partially modified.

This modification entails the removal of the possibility of obtaining residency through the acquisition of real estate property valued at a minimum of €500,000 free of charges.

However, individuals who have been granted it since 2013 will retain their status. Additionally, following the modification, there are alternative investment options to obtain it:

Investment alternatives

Fachada blanca de edificio de obra nueva, Florencia

Financial assets with a minimum value of €1 million.

Fachada blanca de diseño minimalista de edificio residencial

Through Spanish public debt, which must be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years with a minimum investment of €2 million.

Fachada blanca de diseño minimalista de edificio residencial

An entrepreneurial project to be carried out in Spain that is considered to be of general interest.

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